don't look back all you'll ever get

is the dust from the steps before

Bettina Dawes
17 October
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English. Girl. Twenties. I love Bette Davis, I love Robert Downey Jr, I love classic Hollywood, I love Scissor Sisters, Nina Simone, U2, Macy Gray and The Beatles, I love Lost, 24, Dexter, 30 Rock, Popular, Glee, Prison Break and The West Wing, I love Stephen King (especially The Dark Tower), I love Sweet Valley High (although I'll lie and say I love it in an ironic fashion), I love to love ironically. I love iconning, I love tilting objects at sixty-degree angles, I love synching all my clocks thus inducing tick harmony, and I love holding flies above globes until they freak out and are all, "Whoa! I'm way too high!"

Basically there's plenty of love here and in this journal I talk about all my loves. That and a particular traumatic trip to Tesco. I also love new people! So if you think we have enough in common then please add away!


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I'm the nicest goddamn dame that ever lived.
-- Bette Davis

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